About us

Arthouses International focuses on providing you with better jewelry


Arthouses Enterprises since established in 1976, the Taipei based company had began it's steady growth by servicing the world with professional service and outstanding quality in design and products.

After the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic, the emblem and souvenir business had taken to another level which's one of the most experienced company in the industry. With growing demands from the market, the import and whole office was opened in Los Angeles to service the customers ranging from wholesalers, chain stores, department stores, organizations to boutique stores with products from emblems, medals, pins to fashion jewelries.

Years of hard work and persistence on quality, Arthouses started the production operation from the second manufacturing facility in the Zhuhai Freezone, China in 2004 to offer the customers world-wide in a even wider range in silver and gold. At the mean time, the preparation for the 2008 was in progress with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification given by SGS, along with the delivery of the Medals for the East Asian Game in Macau 2005. Products from Arthouses not only can be seen from major events such as the Beiing Olympic, but also can be found with Harrods.Disney, Walmart, Duty Free Stores, Specialty Store, Department Store and online store items ranging from souvenirs, key-rings, pins, women's jewelries to men's accessories! It is the company's strong believe that "Quality will always be the number one priority delivering to ou customers!"